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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Keyword Elite | Adwords Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Elite, Google Adwords Keyword Research and Keyword Analysis
Keyword research and analysis is vital to the success of a business online. Most experienced marketers would agree with this statement. I would lay down some of the reasons here why people need to know more about keyword research and how a keyword suggestion and research tool like Keyword Elite can help you to promote your website, make more sales and recruit more into your MLM organization.
Keyword Research for Search Engine Ranking
Your website is your online address for people to find you. Whether your website is a hobbyist website about mountain biking or international politics or you are using your website purely as a platform to showcase your products, there are bound to be some other sites focusing on topics that are similar to yours. The greater the interest in your web topic, the more websites there would be. You may promote your website through different ways, either through email marketing, classified ads, etc. But majority of the web traffic are generated through the search engines. When you need some information, the first place you would think of is the search engine. To the webmaster, the search engine offers traffic that not only is targeted, but free also.
Search engines are designed to categorize our websites according to keyword relevance. In order for your website to appear in top search engine results for a certain keyword especially if your site is new, we need to make sure that we are not competing on competitive keywords. We also want to be certain that our targeted keywords are not so obscure such that no one searches for them at all, ie no or poor demand. Even if you rank No.1 for such keywords, the traffic would be almost non-existent. The importance of keyword research cannot be glossed over. Keyword research is needed to find low competition and high demand keywords that are profitable. Keyword Elite would be able to do the job of researching for highly profitable keywords in a flash.
Keyword Research for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing
I simply cannot emphasize enough on how vital keyword research is in finding profitable keywords for our Pay-Per-Click marketing. Google Adwords is the largest PPC search engine marketing network. If you have tried promoting a webpage using Google Adwords, you would be aware that driving traffic to your site is almost instantaneous. Once you have started a campaign, be ready to receive some visitors at your site within 15 minutes. Clicks would be registered quickly, and you would be paying for those clicks. Without doing proper keyword research to dig out the keywords that would convert visitors into customers, you would be attracting loads of visitors but not making sales. This would deplete your advertising fund very quickly, leaving you worse off financially than before. It would have been better then not to have started the advertising campaign. With Keyword Elite, you can avoid such situations completely.

These are two major reasons why keywords are important to us as webmasters in website promotion.
Find out in the next post on how to perform keyword research manually and how you can accelerate the whole process of finding profitable keywords in minutes using Keyword Elite.

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Blogger cderenberger said...

I have been using Keyword Elitesince it was released. I personally would not use any other software out there! WHy pay $40 - $80 a month for a keyword service?

January 7, 2008 at 5:39 AM  

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