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Friday, February 2, 2007

Keyword Elite Review

Keyword Elite Review and Review of Top Keyword Research Tools

This is our honest review of Keyword Elite and the top keyword research tools you can find in the market. We have chosen to list these keyword research tools according to a set of standards we feel are crucial to keyword research. Whether it is to build a huge keyword list for Google Adwords or other pay-per-click advertising campaign, or to find the right keywords to optimize for websites, these yardsticks apply and are useful to webmasters like you and me. The ideal tool must meet our expectations in terms of the size of keyword list created, simplicity in user interface, excellent and detailed list management which facilitates interpretation and make keyword usage a breeze, speed of software, and whether it comes with multiple powerful built-in features.

Keyword Elite – No.1 Choice for General and Adwords Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Elite


Keyword Elite is a powerful Adwords keyword research tool that is suitable for conducting keyword research for Google Adwords and other PPC advertising campaigns, as well as for any other keyword research needs such as SEO, advertising needs etc.

Keyword Elite comes packed with 5 built-in functions:

1. Keyword List Creation

Generate huge keyword lists related to main keywords. This keyword research tool can produce up to 10,000 keywords.

2. Analysis of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Listings

Analyze PPC listings showing information like Adwords cost-per-click (CPC), click counts, keyword effective index (KEI), results/searches ratios (R/S), etc so that you can have a clearer idea of how stiff competition is for certain keywords.

3. Pre-built Keyword List Selection

Select a suitable keyword list from 40,000 over pre-built keyword lists on different topics. You can even customize your keyword lists to include broad, phrase, and exact keyword terms appropriate for Adwords campaign.

4. Analyzing Keyword Competition

This neat feature would reveal which are your competing websites are for any keyword. You will see the on-page optimization techniques your competitors are using and this helps you as a webmaster to copy and outrival them.

5. Spying on Adwords Competition

Keyword Elite makes spying on adwords competition such an easy job. Simply enter the url of a competitor, and a keyword list you have compiled and it will start revealing which keywords and ad copy they are using. You will be able to track the performance of these advertisements over time and study their behavior accurately. This allows you to dig out profitable keywords you can use in your own Adwords campaign, so that you can use cheap keywords for maximum profits.

Why We Like This Adwords Keyword Research Tool

We love the user interface as it is easy to navigate - perfect for beginner and expert webmasters. So far, this is the only tool that can return 10,000 keywords for our keyword searches. Keyword Elite also build the keyword lists fast and runs very smoothly. The Adwords keyword research tool is also packed with many built-in features such as keyword filtering and other keyword customizable features. The only grouse we have is it does not give a keyword score. On the overall, whether it is features or user-interface design, Keyword Elite is a full-featured general and adwords keyword research tool that stands out above the rest.

Keywords Analyzer – Close No.2 General and Adwords Keyword Research Tool

Keywords Analyzer


Keywords Analyzer is a smart keyword research tool that not only fulfils the 2 main functions of keyword research, generating and managing keyword lists and determining the level of competition, but deliver quality and relevant keyword results. Features are similar to Keyword Elite in terms of generating keyword lists quickly, and spying on PPC competition.

Why We Like This Adwords Keyword Research Tool

It comes in close as No.2 because of a few reasons. This tool has excellent keyword editing features and can perform country-specific searches. However, it falls short of providing huge lists of keywords which Keyword Elite has an edge over. The other issue we have with this adwords keyword research tool is it does not allow direct export of keyword lists to Microsoft Excel. One thing we like about this tool though is its ability to find misspelt words.

Rapid Keyword – No.3 Choice for General and Adwords Keyword Research Tool

Rapid Keyword


Rapid Keyword builds keyword lists using a built-in Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool, meta-tag parser to extract keywords from web pages, dig keywords from relevant web pages, using spiders for Yahoo and meta-crawler related keywords, extracting Google Suggest Keywords and Typo generator. This keyword research tool does a tight job in analyzing the PPC competition in Adwords, Overture and Miva. The keyword list management tool has a suite of useful functions to clean up the keyword lists for usage.

Why We Like This Adwords Keyword Research Tool

There are a few reasons why we think Rapid Keyword deserves the third place among so many Adwords keyword research tools. The keyword list creation is unique and innovative. We love the way it digs for related keywords from relevant web pages. This broadens the scope of our keyword research, giving us some interesting, low competition keyword phrases we would not have thought of. The keyword list management features are pretty cool, and allows merging, splitting, duplicate removal from the keyword lists, and more.

If you have been using Overture Keyword Suggestion tool, you might have felt irritated by the way they randomize the order of words. Rapid Keyword re-orders them, and making them coherent keyword phrases. The shortfall of this tool is its competitive analysis is too basic. It only reveals the number of competiting PPC advertisements and searches, but does not provide other important details like bid prices, etc unlike Keyword Elite and Keyword Analyzer. Perhaps one advantage it has over Keyword Elite and Keywords Analyzer is its low price tag - $69.99. If you find Keyword Elite and Keywords Analyzer a bit unaffordable, then we would encourage you to seriously consider this general and Adwords keyword research tool. In our opinion, the value of Rapid Keyword is more than this price.

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Blogger cderenberger said...

Although Keyword Elite is my favorite, keywords analyzer and rapid keywords both offer uniques tools. I recommend any of them. I also found another review of these products with screenshots at Keyword Research Reviews. Hope this helps.

December 17, 2007 at 9:07 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

For your keyword research try using - a keyword research technology that will help you know what keywords your competitors are using and how it generates money for them, you can use those keywords to drive traffic to your site and give your business the exposure it needs. It offers Free trials.-

April 16, 2008 at 9:34 PM  
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