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Monday, January 29, 2007

Keyword Elite | Keyword Research Tips | Tools

Keyword Elite, Google Adwords Keyword Research Tips and Keyword Tools
I will be offering some keyword research tips that has benefited greatly. We will look at how keyword research can be done manually for search engine ranking and Google Adwords campaign or other PPC advertising campaigns.
Keyword Research Tips for Search Engine Ranking
Keyword research for search engine ranking focuses on finding keywords to target in your web page content. There are 2 main approaches towards finding the right keywords for search engine ranking. Let’s begin with you having a product, say Keyword Elite that you want to sell using pure organic search engine traffic. Thereafter you go about creating a sales page or sales website to promote this product.
But before you do so, you need to get ready a list of keywords you want to target for your content. Obviously, your main topic would be on keyword research and keyword research tool right? But before we head to Overture and perform a search on these 2 keyword phrases, we may want to start with the broad topic “Keyword Research” to see what people are searching for.
Let’s assume a hypothetical scenario. You found out that there are over 6000 searches every month for the keyword phrase “Keyword Research”. As you scroll down, you find that there are about 1500 searches for “Keyword Research Tool”. You also noticed that “Adwords Keyword Research Tool” has about 1000 searches. If you want a rough gauge of how many searches there are in Google, multiply that figure by 3 – 8 times, but for ease of illustration, let’s assume it’s 5 times the number of searches. So there are over 30,000 monthly searches for “Keyword Research” – 1000 search per day. “Keyword Research Tool” and “Adwords Keyword Research Tool” should be enjoying about 7500 and 5000 monthly searches respectively.
The next step is to head to Google and find out what’s the competition like. If you key in the search phrase “Keyword Research”, you will find 136,000,000 search results. “Keyword Research Tool” has 30,300,000 search results while a search for “Adwords Keyword Research Tool” produces 1,120,000 search results only. Of course the lesser results, the better because the potential competition you are up against is most likely not as strong. However, one tip here is not to pay too much attention to the number of search engine results. This is not an accurate measure of how strong your competition is. It only gives you a rough feel.
The trick to see how many real competitors you are facing is to use some simple search engine commands. First of all, if you are targeting a specific keyword, you will be including that in your web page title right? Competiting websites would be doing that as well. Type “allintitle: target keyword” in the search box and see what shows up. In this example, we will use “allintitle: keyword research”. You would find this time that there are 204,000 search results meaning you have very stiff competition in this topic. This keyword phrase is probably not a good phrase to target.
Let’s do the same for “keyword research tool” and “adwords keyword research tool”. You see, “keyword research tool” only has 586 search results, ie web pages targeting this keyword phrase. Looks like you have found a good phrase to optimize your webpage for. Let’s look at “adwords keyword research tool”. It has even lesser competition. Only 127 search results. Great! You have managed to find another solid keyword phrase you can target. As a rule of thumb, any keyword phrase with lesser than 1000 – 2000 search results are suitable for optimization and it’s easier for you to rank your webpage high for them.
Repeat the process for a total of 5 – 10 keywords, and if each gives you 50 visitors a day, you are looking at potentially 250 – 500 visits at your website. That’s quite remarkable.
Keyword Research Tips for Google Adwords Campaign
There are some tips to do keyword research for a Google Adwords campaign. Let’s assume you have signed up for an Adwords account and have a ready product to sell. Once again, let’s use Keyword Elite as an example.
The first step is to gather a whole list of probable search terms people would enter in the search box when searching online. Use these search terms as your Adwords keyword list. This is so that your text advertisement would appear whenever someone keys in a search term that matches your Adwords keyword list. How do you gather your list of keyword phrases?There are a few free methods to do so.
Using Overture
1. Go to Overture, and type in the main topic keyword. In this case, it can be “keyword research”.
2. Copy the list of search terms that appear and paste it into Notepad and save as keywordelite.txt or any other name.
3. Next, do a search for “keyword research tool” and do likewise.
4. Repeat it for “Adwords keyword research tool” and other related-words.
One trick to find as many relevant keywords as possible is to branch out from the main “keyword research” list, meaning you dig deeper into related keywords from the original list. A good size would be 1000 keywords.
Using Google
1. Go to Google, and type in the main topic keyword “keyword research” into the search engine box.
2. Copy the web page address of the first 10 websites, ie top 10 urls.
3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for another keyword phrase such as “keyword research tool” or “keyword selection”, etc.
4. Gather about 50 web site addresses, 10 for each relevant keyword phrase.
5. Go to, and click on the “Site-Related Keywords” tab. Enter the No.1 website url, and click on the “Get Keywords” icon on the right. Copy the keywords into a Notepad.
6. Repeat Step 5 until you have completed all the searches.
You should have a huge keyword list to play with now.
Using Free Keyword Tools
Download a free and neat keyword tool like Good Keywords, or GoDefy Keywords Miner. I personally used both and found them to be useful in compiling huge relevant keyword lists. Though there are limitations in terms of the accuracy of searches and other aspects, I am not complaining since they are free after all, though I do wish at times that they could go beyond their rudimentary state.
But if you are really into making serious money using Google Adwords, you would need an industry-standard adwords keyword research tool like Keyword Elite. What Keyword Elite can do is beyond what these free keyword research tools can, such as spying on your competitors and getting a hold of profitable keywords that are making money for them.
Watch out for my next post on the review of an outstanding adwords keyword research tool, Keyword Elite.

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